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Mothers Say
These comments are feedback we have received about our Mebby
products. Straight from the mom's mouthes ..

“Amber loves her BodyUp , she’s been wearing it for 4
months now and its still keeping up with her. I’ve washed
it loads of times and it still looks great”.
Erica I. – Seapoint
“……I didn’t really believe that BodyUp could stretch to meet Gabriel’s growth spurts, but it has, 6 months later and I still reach for it …..!”
Monica B. – Nelspruit
“Danny loves his Mebby dummy & teething rattle, it really helped when he was going through a difficult patch ……”
Lara W  - Woodstock
“BodyUp is so soft and stretchy and Cleagh looks so cute in her pink one, I use it all the time.”
Kiki G –Hout Bay
“My babies are both wearing BodyUP even though they are months apart. Because they stretch to fit, I don’t need to worry about size and can mix and match…BodyUp saved me from having to buy a whole lot of new clothes when my new baby arrived…”
Robyn A – East London
“Mebby’s products are so beautifully designed and apart from being really practical, look good”
Marna T – Johannesburg

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Mother's Say:
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