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About Us
Mebby is the registered trademark of Medel, a specialist Italian manufacturer of home and healthcare products.

About Mebby in South Africa

Mebby is represented in South Africa by Worldlink Medical Wholesalers CC who have successfully partnered with Medel for the last 10 years.

Worldlink Medical Wholesalers is owned and managed by Chris Collins and his team. Medel products can be found throughout South Africa in pharmacies and other selected outlets.

About Mebby and Medel, Italy

Medel was founded by Giancarlo Attolini 40 years ago. Giancarlo Attolini is still the President of the company, joined by his son Emilio (CEO) and team of dedicated staff.

Medel’s  mission is, “…for your health”, and means that company is fully dedicated to improve the health of people throughout the world, with innovation and technology. Medel quality has been recognized internationally

1994 Medel was the first European company to achieve the Japanese  JQA certification for Medical Devices
1998 Medel was certified by ISO9002 and EN46002;
2001 Medel achieved ISO9001 and EN13485 certification
Medel is driven by Research and Development, and works with the medical community worldwide and several pharmaceutical companies

Several milestone in the nebulizer history were set by Medel with latest in 2000 when;
  • R&D efforts resulted in the development of a unique and patented technology that considerably reduced the size of nebulizer systems, now the size of a modern camera and battery operated. This technology has made life of millions of asthma patients worldwide an easier and a better one.
Medel products are distributed in the best pharmacies and medical shops worldwide: more than 60% of sales are outside of Italy, in more than 70 countries, from U.S. to Middle East, from Europe to Japan.

Medel products include nebulizer systems for aerosol therapy: diagnostic devices (blood pressure monitors and thermometers); suction (surgical and breast pump); fitness (heart rate monitors, electro-stimulators);and most recently, baby care products via the Mebby line.
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